GraphQL CreateCheckRun doesn't seem to do anything

I’ve been trying to create check runs via graphql but nothing seems to happen. The reply is basically just a 200 status and {“data”:null}, that’s all so no indication what might have failed or that anything failed really. As far as I understand it, creating check runs (and updating them etc) should be supported, although in preview, by the v4 graphql api right? Are there known issues at this time? I’m using the header necessary for the preview to work.


Hi @johnae,

Thanks for being here, did you receive an error id with that message? If you have can you please forward it to If with the info so we can look into that further.

Where would I find the error id? My issue is that github responds with basically empty json, eg. {“data”:null} and a 200 status. So I don’t really get any error… but nothing happens either - eg. I would expect a checkRun to be queued and visible in the interface of the pull request.