GraphQL API - Search users and return they repositories

Hello everybody.

I’m new to GraphQL, I started studying recently.
I’ve studied: apollo react hooks, apollo boost, graphql, graphql-tag and the schema.

Now I’m trying to create an application where I can search (in an input) for the name of any user of github, and when I choose that user it will open a page returning all his public repositories.

Maybe I’ll add other information (such as description of the repository, how many forks, how many stars or even the user’s avatar, contributions etc).

My question is how to make these requests (I’m trying to find them in the schema).
The api is huge and has a lot, I am not finding these parts in specific (user return in search and all his repositories).

OBS: i’m using react JS only

have a look at these

You may find looking in GitHub documentation (which is quite good) as opposed to the schema directly easier to navigate and locate things you are looking for

Assuming I have understood what you are looking for, here is an example GraphQL query to get you started

query {
user(login:“any-user-name”) {

you can test your query using