GraphQl API Response for Repo is null


iam working on a simple project whith the simple goal to retrive all the issues for one Repo in my Organization.

I started yesterday with a personal access token to access the API (I know this token will be replaced with something else down the line). My query looks like this:

{“query”: “query {organization(login: \”<OrgName>\") { repository(name: \"<RepoName>\") { issues(first: 10) { nodes { title body createdAt closedAt labels(first: 10) {nodes {name}} assignees(first:10){nodes{ login } } } } } }}"

The Response I get looks like this: “{“data”:{“organization”:{“repository”:null}}}”

The Response has status code 200 and no error field as you can see.

Yesterday when i started the query worked fine.

I also checked my rate limit which is at 4990 right now. 

Does anybody have any Idea if this is a problem on my side or from GitHub?

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Without the specific information about what organization and what Repository you’re looking for, I can’t say for certain. However, it seems as though your token may not have the appropriate scopes, or you may be looking for a Repository that does not exist in your organization.

The GraphQL API will return a 200 in cases like this even if there is an error, and instead uses the “errors” key in the resposne to indicate a runtime error.

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thanks for the reply. Maybe I didn’t made it clear the response I have written in the original post is the complete response content I have gotten from the call. No error key was present.
The token worked perfectly the day before the problem. Now it does what I have described. The Repo was also not changed in terms of settings or even new developers only commit and pullrequests where made during the time.
Hope this helps to help me solve the problem.

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