[GraphQL API] contribution color's breaking change

Hi, the GraphQL API seems have a breaking change these days, which would probably causes some issues in third-party apps. See https://github.com/git-touch/git-touch/issues/122

  viewer {
    contributionsCollection {
      contributionCalendar {
        weeks {
          contributionDays {

The color becomes something like var(--color-calendar-halloween-graph-day-L1-bg), which is CSS hex numbers before.

Hey there @pd4d10 :wave:

Thanks so much for reporting this in! Indeed, after running this and similar queries against the contributionsCollection object, it does seem like the variable itself is being returned as opposed to the hex value we’re trying to identify and return.

To that end, I’ve opened a new internal issue with our dev team responsible for GraphQL. I have nothing else to add as far as any kind of ETA of a resolution, or a workaround unfortunately.

If there is anything relevant to post back, I will follow up as updates are added to our internal issue.

Thank you again and in the meantime, be well! :bow: