GraphQL and webhooks

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Looking for a way to return a list of repos along with their webhooks via the API in one call; v3 (REST) lets me get a list of repos, which I then have to iterate through and make a separate call for each to get the webhooks for each repo.

Was hoping that the v4 GraphQL would allow a repo query that could include the webhooks - but I have not been able to find anything regarding webhooks at all for v4.

Am I missing them somewhere in v4?  Any recommendations on how to get a repo list for a given user along with the webhooks for that repo in one call?

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Hey @dsniegocki, thanks for being here. Unfortunately I don’t have great news. Webhooks are not exposed via the GraphQL API yet. I can see how this would be useful and I’ve taken your question and feedback and passed it along to the appropriate teams. 

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Thank you for the reply @andreagriffiths11.  That is very disappointing news, I had hoped that GraphQL would be able to address this limitation.

How can we find out the development path for this item within the API?  We don’t want to incur the time and expense to code a solution around this if there is a potential solution in GraphQL in the near future.

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Also looking forward to this @andreagriffiths11 , any intentions on exposing webhooks in the GraphQL api?


@andreagriffiths11 are there any plans of making this available in the near future? 


Adding my voice to the above.

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Hi @andreagriffiths11 can I check any updates on this please?