Gradle logs not realtime

The logs take a very long time to start appearing. And sometimes the ci just hangs and it’s hard to tell where.

I can see the ‘gradle’ step is pending but cannot unfold the log. One exemple is there: In this exemple, it’s been 8min12s the step has been running but I still cannot see any output.

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This happened in 2 completely different Pull Requests and only thing that they had in common was that they added new Gradle modules.

@martinbonnin ,

Thanks for your report.

Sometimes, I also encounter this problem. I had reported this problem to the appropriate engineering team for further investigation and evaluation. If they have any progress, I will notify you in time, and sometimes the appropriate engineers may directly reply you here.

Hi :slight_smile:

Any update on this? We continue to miss Gradle logs in Actions until the job has either completed or failed, which makes debugging builds tedious.