Gradle Build folder not found


I am using this action to create my Dokka Documentation with a gradle task calles dokka. After that I want to upload the created Documentation Directory to my FTP. When the dooka task runs locally on my machine, the Docs are created in /build/dokkabut when I want to access this directory inside the github action I receive this error:

mirror: Access failed: /github/workspace/build/dokka: No such file or directory

Where is the build directory created?

I compared the workspace file list, only ‘dokka’ folder is created after action ‘eskatos/gradle-command-action’, not ‘build/dokka’.

Please use ‘dokka’ in the ‘with’ env, code as below:

- name: Upload ftp
      uses: sebastianpopp/ftp-action@releases/v1
        user: ${{ secrets.FTP_USERNAME }}
        password: ${{ secrets.FTP_PASSWORD }}
        localDir: "dokka"
        remoteDir: ""

Besides, data doesn’t persist by default between two jobs(typically use artifacts to do this), please put your actions/code in one job.

I copied your code and since i don’t have acess to the FTP server, now the error changes to ‘Login fail’.

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