Google search not crawling Github page images

Github experts-

Images on our Github readme pages are not being crawled and indexed by Google search.  Google finds text fine, but not images, even though they use basic <img src> tags with descriptive title and alt attributes.

For example on this Github page:

The HMTL source for the first image looks like this:

  <img src=“” alt=“Deep learning model compression flow diagram” title=“Deep learning model compression flow diagram” style=“max-width:100%;”>

and clicking the image goes here:

Discoverability is important for Readme pages.  What is needed to fix this ?  Do I need to remove the “raw=true” ?  Is there a problem using a subfolder (in this case named “images”) ?



Additional note …

I removed the raw=true attribute, but the image file itself still ends up on:

How can I get images to be stored on:

instead of

?  Or alternatively, how to make it possible for the Google crawler to “follow” the <img src> tag to ?  Thanks.


The same issue had happened but my team had solved that with their advanced coding skills. Now I am just trying my best to get my website on the top of search results in Google but SEO is taking a lot of time and that’s why I am having some interesting running the Google Adwords Campaign Management ads. hopefully we’ll be able to get good results with that.

I don’t know if this is relevant to your image-SEO question or not, but the repository you cited as an example (  is not a Github Page!

If properly configured, to access that Github Page, the URL should work. It does not - I get a 404 error.

For starters, you will want to go to the repository settings and update the “Github Pages” section. I’m assuming it currently looks like:

Change the dropdown to ‘master’, and the Github Page will actually be published!

One of the things you are missing out on by not having your page actually published is all the Jekyll-SEO-tag goodness.