Google domain - blank page

I think I’ve followed the steps correctly to set up github pages with my google domain but all I’m getting is a blank page. If I inspect this, I can see that index.html has come through because in the it says developed by James Grantham and the tab name is also coming through.

However, the page does not appear to be building and some network requests are showing 404.

Am I just missing something really obvious? Any help / pointers would be really appreciated.

All your assets still include your repository name /intangible/ in their URLs right now meaning they 404:

<link href="/intangible/static/css/main.598a9b29.chunk.css" rel="stylesheet">

It looks like you changed your homepage inside your package.json correctly but haven’t run your deploy script again after doing so.

You’ll need to run your deploy script again to rebuild and redeploy your site and then it should work :smiley:

HAHA!!! Thank you so much! I would never have figured that out. I was tearing my hair out over this.

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