Google does not locate my GitHub repository

I create a GitHub site last September. Since then I have created five repositories. Google has never been able to locate any of them. I am only allowed to include two links in this post. So, I will link to my main repo of interest and to its associated GitHub Page.

The repo of main interest is:

A couple of days ago I created a GitHub Page for this repo here. Google has not been able to find this GitHub Page yet:

I repeatedly over months have tried adding a Google Site Verification file
(“googlef793ae3677cf0513.html”) downloaded from Google Search Console to the main repo of interest (the tutorial identified above).

Most recently I have been using the url for the main branch of the tutorial repo in Google Search Console (under “URL prefix”). That url ends with “/tree/main”.

Google Search Console returns this error message when I click the Verify button after uploading the file “googlef793ae3677cf0513.html” to the main branch of my GitHub tutorial repo:

Verification method:
HTML file

Failure reason:
Your verification file has the wrong content. Are you using the verification file that you downloaded here?

Please fix your implementation and reverify, or use another verification method.

[Learn more]… (I removed the url)


I have done everything I can think of to resolve this issue including working through 12 hours of video in a Git and Github course on Udemy (the instructor was unfamiliar with this issue and did not cover repo verification), watching YouTube videos, and searching the internet. The answers to this StackOverflow post are over my head: “GitHub repository not listing in Google search [closed]”.

I also have seen this similar post on GitHub Community: “My GitHub repositories are not known by Google”.

Thank you for any suggestions and assistance enabling Google to find and list my GitHub repos in search results.

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After a week Google cannot locate my GitHub Page, let alone my GitHub repository. The GitHub Page is only a week old. But the GitHub repository is ~4 months old. If I copy the url for my GitHub Page and paste that url into Google it locates my original forum post up above.

This is the url for my GitHub page:

Microsoft Edge/Bing now seems to be able to locate my repository just by searching for either of the following:

  1. icterus galbula github
  2. tutorial for running R files amazon web services

I am virtually certain I tried Microsoft Edge/Bing a week ago without success. I also do not think I made any changes to the repository or GitHub Page in the last week. After locating the repository a couple of times today with Microsoft Edge/Bing I cleared the browser history and was able to relocate it easily.

So, that seems to be progress.

Hopefully, I can figure out why Google is not able to find either the repository or the GitHub Page.

I think I read somewhere that repositories can be found more easily if there are links connecting to them. If so, maybe the mere act of posting a question about my repo here helped Microsoft Edge/Bing find it.

My GitHub repository can also be located by duckduckgo and by Yahoo. Someone suggested the problem is I used an extremely long name for the repository. That person suggested I replace the underscores in the repository name with spaces. I have done that and also have recreated the repository and GitHub Page with a much shorter name (RAWStutorial):

I will see whether Google can find the repository now. It is starting to get a little embarrassing that three other search engines can find it with no problem.

I have made partial progress. Google has verified my GitHub Page and is in the process of indexing that page. I have not been able to verify my GitHub repository. However, my GitHub Page links to my GitHub repository. So, after Google finishes indexing my GitHub Page maybe Google will be able to list both the page and the repository in search results. I will not know for maybe another week.

Below are the steps I used to verify my GitHub Page based on a Stack Overflow post by klues : “Github repository not listing in google search”.

  1. Go to Google Search Console

I made sure I was using the same Gmail account to log into both GitHub and Google Search Console .

  1. Paste the URL of your GitHub Page into the URL Prefix box. For example, I used:

This GitHub Page is referred to as a property .

  1. Click Continue

  2. Scroll down to the HTML tag verification method section and copy the meta tag displayed by clicking the word COPY

  3. Paste that text into your index.html file in your GitHub repository. Bracket that text between <head> and </head>. The actual html code was not displayed here when I tried. My index.html file is in the gh-pages branch of my GitHub repository.

  4. Commit the changes made in your index.html file (i.e., update your repository).

  5. Click the word VERIFY on the Google Search Console screen

  6. Hopefully Google Search Console will verify your GitHub Page site. My site was verified.


  8. You must wait approximately 48 hours after which a different Google Search Console screen will appear with a search bar at the top.

  9. Paste the URL of the GitHub Page into that search bar at the top of the new Google Search Console screen. However, this time use a slightly different version of the URL than was used in Step 2. This time add index.html to the end of the URL :

  1. Click Enter

  2. Request Indexing

  3. Wait for Google to index the GitHub Page . I do not know how long this will take but I guess it could take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Here is a screenshot of the current state of my Google Search Console display while I wait for Google to index my GitHub Page . Note the checkmark next to Indexing requested :

enter image description here

I will update this post after the indexing of the GitHub Page is completed (or fails).

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Google still cannot locate my GitHub page as of August 19, 2021.