google_ad_client supported in _config.yml?

Dear all, 

Does anyone know if the variable google_ad_client is supported in _config.yml?

Your replies are much appreciated. 


Hi @orschiro,

Thank you for being here! I’m pretty sure Pages supports ad sense, thought to make that work you have to create a separate file then import it to your .yml.  Here is a blog post with more specifics.

I hope this helps!

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Dear @andreagriffiths11,

Thanks for sharing the blog post, appreciate it.

Could you spend a brief amount looking at my setup?

Here is what I did.

  1. Added google_ad_client to _config.yml

  2. Added _includes/header.html

  3. Added _includes/body.html

However, ads do not appear on

Any advice is much appreciated.

Happy Christmas!


Hi @orschiro,

Thank you for including your implementation. It can take a couple of days for Google to approve it, once you’ve added the code to your site, you should receive another email from Google with the approval.

I hope this helps!



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@andreagriffiths11 I am going to check it in a few days. 


Merry Christmas!

@andreagriffiths11 interestingly ads show up on mobile but they don’t on desktop. Do you have any ideas why that could be?

Happy New Year!

Hey @orschiro, that’s very interesting hmmmm, if you are still not seeing it could you try the

Ad preview diagnostic tool?

Thanks @andreagriffiths11.

I tried the preview but I am not able to access my actual page to test whether or not ads are being displayed. 

Do you?

Hey @orschiro,

Sorry about the delay! I’ve been out for some training. I’m able to see the page w/o any issues on my end, is it showing up for you?

@andreagriffiths11 I hope you enjoyed a good training. 

My issue has been resolved meanwhile.-

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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