"Good first issues" are not displayed in the "contribute" area of the repository

Does anyone have the idea, why exactly I do not have “good first issues” listed in the “contribute” area of my repository?

Non-closed good first issues available: https://github.com/svlad-90/DLT-Message-Analyzer/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A"good+first+issue"

Contribute area is empty despite the fact that issues were created ~2 weeks ago: https://github.com/svlad-90/DLT-Message-Analyzer/contribute

May be I should configure something to have it filled in?

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

Hmmm, they certainly should be showing up at the contribute URL from what I can see. I’ve queued a job to reindex the issues of the repository, which should have completed after 24 hours.

If they’re still not showing up, we’ll have to investigate further!

(Kudos to getting your project to 100% community health, by the way - that’s great!)

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Hi @yamiacat, thanks for kind words regarding my attempts to build a contributable repository.
Also thanks for queueing re-indexing of issues. Unfortunately, it still does not work. The “Contribute” area is empty.

There is a specific point about my repository, which might be related to this issue. Some time ago I’ve renamed it from the “DLTMessageAnalyzer” to “DLT-Message-Analyzer”. Could it be, that renaming has such a side-effect on the Github’s parsing sequence? Or, might it be, that the new name ( which contains “-” characters ) contradicts to some internal parsing rules?

Besides that, I do not have other ideas regarding why it is happening.

Hi @svlad-90 - I’ve been digging into this, and discovered that unfortunately the system that populates the “contribute” area is currently offline due to that section of our backend having a major overhaul in progress! It’s been down since May.

Issues that were picked up before that are still displayed in the “contribute” sections of their repos, but at the moment new issues are not being shown there. I don’t have a timeline for when this feature will start working again yet, but I’ll update you once I know!

Hi @yamiacat, thank you very much for the update!

For me, it was most important, that:

  • I was doing everything correctly
  • GitHub’s support is aware of the identified issue
  • others won’t waste their time figuring out why it currently does not work

Looking forward to get further updates from your side, once it is working again :slight_smile:


@svlad-90 - This is now working again! :tada:

Hi @yamiacat, I confirm - feature works now.
Thanks a lot for your support! ))

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