GoLang Developer New Zealand Based

I am looking for a NZ Based experienced GoLang developer (Wellington based ideally, but not essential).
This is a long term requirement - working on development of API and client offering.
If interested to discuss, then I’d be keen to chat - flick me a message by reply here:-)

Hi @MarkAngus , we’re glad you’re here :grinning:

Thanks for sharing your requirements with the community. Unfortunately, we don’t want to have self-promotion or advertising on the Community Forum right now. We want to make sure there is space for users to ask questions without overwhelming the forum with other conversations. Thank you for helping to create a productive and tidy community for all our members.

Is there anywhere this sort of post can be placed , or a tool that allows me to locate a developer?

well, depending on the situation, if a user doesn’t want to be located, much like hiding the email, then you should not be able to do so

as for the visibility of your invitation, you should be so active in different forums and sites like Twitter to post as such