Go to file Button gone

Since some time the “Go to File” button is gone on all repositories which don’t have a master or main branch.


Other repos with master or main branch show the go to file button:

Is there a way to get it back on repositories without main or master branch? It in this kind of repositories only available when clicking into a directory but this is a little annoying.

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It’s a bit of a long shot, but might be worth trying it. Check which branch is set as the default branch in your repository. I believe the “Go to File” button only works on the default branch, and maybe when you renamed (or deleted) the master/main branch the repository settings were left with a dangling default branch setting.

I seems to be related to this request failing with a 406 error.

such as


It looks like if the default branch has a ‘.’ character in it, the overview_actions request fails to get a successful response. This response would have the ‘Go to file’ anchor in it.

The work-around appears to be click on a subdirectory in the repo and then press ‘T’ or the 'Go to File" button.

I created a ViolentMonkey user script that will bring back the missing ‘Go to file’ button until the problem is fixed.

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Thank you, get a response from github support now, that its an open bug which they have currently on there list, but does not have an ETA at this time.

I hope they will fix it soon!