Go back to non-id-based noreply email

I accidently unchecked/check the box “Keep my email address private” on github’s emails settings. Now my github numeric id has been prepended to the address github uses for my commits from the web UI (i.e.: 123457+loginid@users.noreply.github.com. I would like to use the old way instead (loginid@sers.noreply.github.com).

Is it possible to go back to the old way? Am I locked into using the new way for accidently unchecking/checking this box?

Thank you.

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Hi @cholonam :wave:

Once the box for Keep my email address private is disabled it cannot be re-enabled with the username format of the email address.
This change was made a few years ago to ensure that users maintained credit for their commits should they ever change their account name.

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