GNU gdb debugger issue on M1

Dear Team,

I have downloaded and installed Docker for Apple Silicon on my impressive M1 Mac. I could successfully install Ubuntu (linux/amd64). Then I installed C and C++. Everything went well. Then I wrote a simple C code ‘Hello World’. It generated the result. But when I tried to run GNU’s gdb debugger, it showed errors that there were no breakpoints. After running ‘gdb tst’, error generated was "Temporary breakpoint 1 at 0x1149: file test.c, line 2. Starting program: /tst, Warning: Could not trace the inferior process. Warning: trace: Function not implemented. During startup program exited with code 127. (gdb)

Please help me with this issue. All your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Arun Thomas

That is a very specialized question not related to Git or GitHub. I recommend you ask on GDB Mailing Lists or The GDB IRC Channel, where it’s much more likely that GDB experts will see your question.

Thank you, Team Member. Greatly appreciate your guidance.