globalmapper-styled V3 tiles support in Openlayers?

Hi,  Is there a way to use Globalmapper-build Google-maps-V3-styled tiles in openlayers.

I´d like to change to Openlayers, but I haven´t found a solution or message that Googlemaps is not supported… But that is not what is needed!

These tiles follow this tiling-schema: 

**zoom + "/" + coord.x + "/" + coord.y + ".png";**


The previous JavaScript for the V2 example should be slightly changed to:

varmap=newgoogle.maps.Map("\<element-id\>",{/\*options\*/});varlayerOptions={getTileUrl:function(coord,zoom){return"/mapcache/gmaps/test@g/" **+ zoom + "/" + coord.x + "/" + coord.y + ".png";** },tileSize:newgoogle.maps.Size(256,256)// or whatever};map.overlayMapTypes.insertAt(0,newgoogle.maps.ImageMapType(layerOptions));

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