** glob in path filter is still unsupported despite the newly updated docs say so

The newly supported docs says that ** pattern is supported.


However, in this commit https://github.com/SamChou19815/website/commit/23707b9ded22d3c23505476b94f19d54c9b208af the workflow https://github.com/SamChou19815/website/blob/23707b9ded22d3c23505476b94f19d54c9b208af/.github/workflows/generated-cd-main-site-frontend.yml#L13 is still not triggered.

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Seems like they revoked the documentation? I cannot find any mention of the glob pattern (**) being supported on the documentation page.

The previous pattern matching was confusing and problematic.  We’re updating it to a simpler and more robust system.  It should be landing soon, and we’ll update the documentation when it’s available.