Glad to find Learning Lab - githubschool pull question

 Hi all - delighted to find – looking forward to trying the labs.   I was curious whether


is being phased out?  I have an errant pull request where (2) travis-ci build steps fail on a  _pages/remccormick.yaml.

If the on-demand-github-pages exercise is no longer supported I’ll close out and move on with the ‘labs’ experience.  But if my .yaml file is correctable I’d like to understand what to correct.  Thanks for any guidance.  - Rob

:wave: @remccormick, thanks for bringing this up. I’m sorry that you’ve been stuck taking the course. I’ve responded in your PR and you should now be able to :ship:.

@remccormick wrote:

I was curious whether githubschool/**on-demand-github-pages **is being phased out?

Yes. You can follow along in this issue.

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@hectorsectorBig thanks! With an assist from @chrt on that pull / merge