Give access on one repo to all members of an organization

Is there a way to designate a single repo to be writeable for all members of the organization (w/o setting a base permission that affects all repos)?  It looks to be a fairly basic requirement and thus it must be there somewhere just that I cannot find it. :frowning:

Having/Setting up an automatic “Everyone” team (see the How to create a team containing all members of an org? issue) would be a way, but it seems to be “pending”. Adding people individually won’t cut it, because of the maintenance burden.

What is the doable way?

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Hi @fastcatch,

Thank you for being here! Team synchronization is available for organizations using GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

Check out: for more info.

Otherwise, as you mentioned, you could add all members of your org to a team using our API see: and then 

via the one single repository’s settings, or using our API add that team’s permissions to the read only or single repo: That would allow you to simply add another user to the team in future to give them the same level of access.

I hope this helps!

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