Github's file size restriction of 100MB

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Topic: Github’s file size restriction of 100MB

I have a 50GB site data and I need to upload it on git. I have successfully uploaded some files. But now it shows me an error like this:

Kindly see this ticket and let me know the solution.

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The error clearly states that you’re trying to push a file which exceeds the maximum allowed size of 100MB, which is not allowed.

There’s no way you’ll be able to transfer that amount of data to a repository, let alone on a GitHub Pages website. Also, you’re going to soon hit the monthly traffic limit, after which you won’t be able to upload any more data.

Please refer to the following thread regarding hard-cored limits of space and traffic for GitHub accounts and repositories:

Bare in mind that Git is a version control tool, which means that it’s intended primarily to handle source code (i.e. text files) and only allow binary files as exceptions (e.g. the occasional large image, PDF doc, or DLL), but best practices demand ignoring large files. If you’re dealing with such huge quantities of data, and very big files, version control might not be advisable for you’re going to experience degradation in Git’s performance (and possibly crashes too) — diffing operations (which are at the core of version control) become unpractical, and hashing begins to become very slow, and the problem can only worsen as the repository history grows.