GitHubpages slideshow not working?

Ty for the interactive tutorial . Small question: at the end of step/issue 1, one is instructed how to activate a GitHub page. Mine looks active at github-slideshow ( . But the 1st slide says to use the right arrow, but either i don’t understand, or it is not working? I can’t get passed the 1st slide of the slideshow. Tried in Chrome, Ff and Edge. So not sure what i’m missing in that slideshow :wink:

I’ve tested it on Chrome, and it works with both keyboard arrows and clicking on the arrow icon at bottom right of the page.

If it’s not working for you with the keyboard arrows it might be a keyboard locale problem. What keyboard layout do you have?

I have an Italian keyboard, using Win 10 (English locale).

It’s a known problem that some keyboards might have different mapping layouts and not work well with all app, but that’s probably something you could fix in your OS settings and drivers.

Thank you for the reply. Now it works, since i’ve progressed through the course. But at the moment in time where one has just set up that page, for me, the arrows didn’t work.

You mean the keyboard arrow key?

If you could comment on how the problem was fixed (e.g. auto-fixed by the course steps, or you had to manually intervene, etc.) it would provide useful info for anyone experiencing a same problem in the future. You can then mark your reply as the solution to the thread.

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I could not advance the slide, in any way, keyboard, mouse clicks etc. By just continuing the GitHub introduction lab, as a ‘student’ you get to edit that GitHub Page you created in the earlier steps, and than it works with arrow keys and clicks.

After finishing that lab, you are asked to supply feedback, and in that feedback i’ve mentioned my experience, so maybe someone will see if they want to clarify it in the exercise.

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