Github wrongly determines that .plt files are "gnuplot"

I have a few Prolog files ending in .plt in my account.

These are files with Prolog plunit Unit Testing framework code (an example). The .plt ending is traditional for these.

While GitHub “code analysis” does not get confused by the ending .pl - it classifies the files correctly as Prolog files, not as Perl files - it does get confused by the ending .plt. Apparently .plt is forcefully classified as gnuplot files. This messes up both the stats over the repository and the syntax highlighting.

Can that be changed?

I wouldn’t know, but I would assume no, because (if my assumptions are correct) gnuplot files have no other extention, but plunit files have .pl

But that’s just a theory

Reference incoming

A CODE THEORY, thanks for reading (I couldn’t help myself)