GitHub workflows started to fails

Workflows pinned actions with SHA have been failing since yesterday.

Failed to resolve action download info. Error: Internal Server Error

Workflow Job:

It works when I pin it with version instead of SHA of v2:

Works: actions/checkout@v2
Fails: actions/checkout@f1d3225b5376a0791fdee5a0e8eac5289355e43a

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That commit doesn’t seem to exist in the actions/checkout repository. That explains the failed download, but if the same commit ID worked before it seems like something weird is going on. :thinking:

Do you mean f1d3225b5376a0791fdee5a0e8eac5289355e43a SHA?

Yes, exactly. I have no idea why, but trying to view the commit doesn’t work (404).

This is SHA of v2 ref, not commit id. You can see via API:

Also, it was already working like this. It suddenly stopped working yesterday.

The issue may not be exactly about pinning the SHA either. The only error I can see is this.

As I understand the documentation (jobs.<job_id>.steps[*].uses) specifying a commit SHA to pin the version is the intended use, not other objects. So unless pinning the commit ID fails, too, my guess is that there was some internal change that broke something that wasn’t intended to work.

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As you said, using the latest version commit hashes fixed the issue. But since it broke while working with tag hashes, I reported the situation to the github support team. Thanks.

:wave: Hey @afbora,

This was broken by an internal change we made, sorry about that. I’ve disabled that change, so referencing a tag by the SHA object ID should work for now.

As referenced in our documentation, the intended use is using a commit SHA rather than other objects.


You use too many acronyms which I have no idea of their meaning such as Pull and here the use of SHA.

To learn Git terms, take a look at the Git Book. :slightly_smiling_face: