Github won't install

I’ve been using Github Desktop on my Windows 10 Pro system for a couple of years now. My company changed their network system last week and now Github won’t run. When I click on the program, nothing happens. Nothing shows up in Task Manager.

So I deleted the all of the files in “%APPDATA%\GitHub Desktop” but that didn’t help. I then uninstalled Github desktop, rebooted, downloaded the latest copy for Windows (both .exe and .msi), and now neither will install. Both give me “installation has failed. there was an error installing. Check the setup log …” When I click “open setup log”, the file “SquirrelSetup.log” opens up but there is nothing related to today’s date of install.

What am I missing? How do I get Github installed and running?

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That could easily be the problem, especially if there are some registry entries left behind from the application. My advice is to use a registry cleaner tool to find if there are some GitHub Desktop left over entries, and then CAUTIOUSLY remove them if you’re 100% sure they are indeed related to the GH Desktop app.

But if you can safely use a Windows restore point, and roll back to before you uninstalled/delete the app it might be a safer alternative — but then this would affect the whole system, i.e. roll back other apps too.

It’s strange though that the app stopped responding after a network change, it should have at least reported some problem. Any chance the system has become unstable for other reasons?