GitHub Wiki online editor - feature request: Markup syntax reference link

Not sure whether this was the right place for a simple feature request, but if nothing else it is a placeholder for the request.

The current online Wiki editor supports a number of markup langauge syntaxes, allowing the creator of a page to choose the preferred markup language syntax.

Using many of the syntaxes, icons appear in the top bar, providing shortcuts to common markup (header, bold, link), as well as a small (?) icon providing a limited markup help.

Other markup language choices have no active icons, though.

Markup languages currently supported by Github Wiki pages:

Feature request

  1. Provide compact syntax help via the [?] icon – for all supported markup languages (can be omitted if 2. is implemented
  2. Provide a link to a markup help/cheatsheet page – for all supported markup languages
  3. Locate the link in the top bar, to the right of …
Edit mode: MarkupLanguageDropbox
  1. Either link to an existing markup cheatsheet, or create/copy and host it on Github.
  2. Cheatsheets should open in a new tab, possibly using a named target, to reuse an existing tab holding the same cheatsheet.

Hi @hattesen,

Thank you for being here! We appreciate your feedback and I’ve logged your feature request in our internal feature request list. Though I can’t guarantee anything or share a timeline for this, I can tell you that it’s been shared with the appropriate teams for consideration.



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Thank you so much.

I am just trying to help you improve your product by picking a few low-hanging fruits. Glad if I can be of assistance.

If you need assistance in creating a unified (similar looking, and with a similar detail level) set of markup syntax help pages for the different markup languages, I’m sure the community (myself included) would be happy to be of assistance. So the feature request can be implemented for next to nothing. 

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