Github weirdly merges branch into `master`

Hi all!

I just saw something really weird. I opened a PR to merge our master branch into our develop branch (because stuff had happened on master that shouldn’t have been there, but it was pretty harmless).

It is all here:

Suddenly, I noticed that I had merged develop into master, which is not at all what intended. It was Github that did this, which is made clear by that Github signed the commit. It was Bad Thing and borked things. I just can’t think of anything in the UI that made it clear that this should happen… The correct merge seems to have happened also, and the repo Network graph has the right idea.

But that isn’t to say that I couldn’t have done something wrong, so, what did I do that would have caused this?



Hey @kjetilk,

I’m just having a look at the logs for that repository, and it looks like you might have accidentally merged  develop into  master  through a commit here: GitHub automatically signs commits made on using their GPG key!

Do you know anywhere else where this has happend? :) 

Yes, indeed, that’s what I also saw happening, but why?

All I think I did was to hit “Merge pull request” on the PR I created to merge master to develop, so if I accidentally did the opposite, it sounds like an UX problem…