[github-website] [ui] missing (404) some emojis in the status picker

since at tleast a week prob

x-post: https://twitter.com/dym_sh/status/1422209038062862343

Cannot reproduce.

Firefox 90.0.2, macOS 11.3 on Intel

the fall-back images for emojis are missing:

on a mac it prob just using the system emojis. im on ubuntu linux.

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Can confirm this is an issue on fedora as well

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quite alot of fallback images went missing (or i might just have not noticed before)

probably just unintended regression due to:

  • unicode version bump?
  • subsequent blind automatic pipeline-rebuild of noto-emoji
  • no test/monitoring for it

related: I can not show some emoji on Android which sent from iOS · Issue #339 · googlefonts/noto-emoji · GitHub


steps to reproduce it

  1. use firefox on linux
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i bet if github team didnt write markdown, it would stay in some kind of 10-year old stasis too… oh wait

ok it looks like all the emojis working and have fallback .PNGs back