Github website trunkate some page.

Hello, I think a capture is more easy to understand

I realy don’t have idea what happen

For information.

  • I have tried on different browser.
  • I have tried on different account.
  • It don’t appear on all pages, but the same page bug on all tests.
  • I have tried with plugin disabled.
  • I have take a look on the html code, the code is realy trunkated, it’s not a display bug

But it work fine if I m not registerer. I have the bug only with registration (and different account).


Hi @smanar, Thanks for being here and for taking the time to report this. We are not experiencing any outages, if you are still experiencing this issue while using our supported compatible browsers please reach out to us at and we’ll take a look.

Hello, I have the bug for exemple on

Firefox 76.0.1

Chrome 81.0.4044.138

And yes, I m with the support ATM.

I seem I have the bug on big page, but If I m using TOR, it works even with registration, with the same browser.

Edit :

Hello, so good news, it works fine now, but bad news, I realy don’t understand what happened.
Today just before answer to the support, I have reboot the machine, disable firewall/antivirus/applications, and I m re-enabling all the system part after part, and for the moment all is working.

I realy can’t say if the problem is from a security software or other thing blocked in memory, but 1h I m trying to reproduce the bug, without success.

I let the topic open for some days, time for me making some tries. But it’s realy a mystery for me, how it can work using the same browser (firefox), the same account, on TOR but not without, or why it work without registration and bug with …


Ok, so no more bug, and still unable to reproduce it.