Github Webhooks getting sent without X-Hub-Signature headers

Our organization has many private repos.
In the past, when we created new Github Webhooks from the Github UI, the webhooks seem to have been created with a “Secret” which caused the webhook payload headers to include X-Hub-Signature and X-Hub-Signature-256.
For some reason, new webhooks seem to get created without a “secret”, and those headers seem to be missing.
We use these webhooks to trigger CI builds on Jenkins, and the absence of the headers seems to cause a problem for Jenkins.
How do I get newly created webhooks to have a “secret” and to include the headers?

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In the create webhook UI, you should have a field to enter your secret token. When you have done that, you should definitely be receiving the signature headers.

Right , should to do that thabks

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Thank you so much! I now understand what I was missing.