GitHub webhook installation payload does not contain repositories array

For context, I’m building a GitHub App, and keeping track of repositories on which the app is installed. I’m using the following webhooks library:

From what I understand, there are two webhooks that can add repositories:

  • installation.created
  • installation_repositories.added

For repository deletion, their counterparts would be

  • installation.deleted
  • installation_repositories.removed

In my testing, the payload does not contain a repositories array in the webhook event on installation.deleted. The spec clearly shows that it should be present:

I’m assuming that this is a bug, but I would like some confirmation. Maybe something is wrong on my end. If it is a bug, could someone point me to the correct location to report it?

Screenshot from no repositories key is present in the payload (there is also no repositories key under installation and sender)

Yet on installation.created and installation_repositories.removed, the correct repository* keys are present

:wave: @DominicRoyStang –– Thanks for reporting this! The Support Community Forum is a great place to ask these questions.

I checked on our and see that we’ve got an internal issue open for tracking this. Our engineers working on GitHub Apps are aware of this but we don’t have a timeline for when repositories will be included in that payload. However, we will update you again as soon as we have more information to share.

Thanks for your patience!


@francisfuzz thanks for the response, I’m glad it’s being worked on.

Looking forward to a fix in the future. Keep me posted!

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:wave: @DominicRoyStang––Great news! Our engineering team deployed an update to GitHub Apps webhook payloads recently, such that the installation.deleted event includes the installation’s repositories (consistent with our documentation for the installation event payload). We (kindly) ask that you give this a try on your application and let us know if you’re still seeing the originally reported behavior. We hope this helps!

@francisfuzz I just tested it, and it works as expected now! Thank you for the update, and thanks to the engineering team for the fast resolution!

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