GitHub Web Pages are not ARM64 Friendly

Most webpages I visit consume few resources. Github regularly eats up most system resources especially the home page, presumably because of the animated world:

The problem this causes it I sometimes permanently go over 100% CPU ( can get to about 95% all by itself) on a raspberry pi even on latest hardware because git hub isn’t my whole world I have a few other things running. A few browser tabs, a couple of apps. I appreciate it’s a low powered device but one website shouldn’t consume all of the resources is the point. Just to be clear both of those processes are related in firefox. This page in contrast is about 30% max combined.

Is this known and expected behavior?

Please no random opinionated responses regarding how a low powered device should not be used in such a way. This is exactly what we should be striving to achieve.

This is a known and expected issue right?