Github Visitor Counts Help

I’m looking for a way to monitor Github repository visitor counts from my linux server.
I have few questions.

  1. How does Github repos visitor count work? does it increase by just accessing the repository from the web?
  2. Is there a way to monitor github visitor count on a linux server?
  3. If i access my github repository in my linux server via commands(like open, xdg-open, http request), will the visitor count for my repository increase? Is it possible?

Thank you

Hi @jjangjamin :wave:

When a user visits a repository that is 1 unique visitor. When a second user visits the same repository, that is 2 unique visitors. If those same users return the next day that is still 2 unique visitors.

The graph shows you the last 14 days.

Could you elaborate by what you mean when you say “monitor” the count? What are you expecting to get by doing this?