GitHub Virtual Meetups in Spanish, Korean and English

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Hello, Hola, and 안녕하세요V,

Join GitHub staff and tech industry experts August 17th for learning and networking. Hosts will share the latest ships, developer news, and a new community spotlight segment, featuring regional startups and the tech entrepreneurs who run them.

This month’s experts will demo and share best practices with GitHub Applications, Automation, Testing, Open-Source Software, Startup funding and challenges and much more.

For more details about language-specific events and live stream links, please join our Meetup groups:

After each event, we will host a Zoom call with Q&A, networking, and Swag winning opportunities!

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Korean now live: 오픈소스 프로젝트를 발굴하며 깨달은 개발자의 메타인지 - YouTube

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