Github US trade law sanctions appeal is bugged

So I recently travelled to Syria and my account got blocked.
So now that I’m back, I opened the link to file all the information, but when it came time to upload/attach the images needed it didn’t work, the attach button did nothing other than turn blue and dropping the files just did nothing.

I really need to have access to my account again because I need to manage my discord bot and website and stuff, just personal projects, but I can’t appeal to fix that.

Is there a another appeal form that isn’t affected by this bug? can I contact github and send the appeal information manually? I’ll do anything I just want my account back

Thank you for understanding.

Somehow now the attach button works again and I have submitted the form

I have seen other people make a topic about the appeal and some nice people working with github checked if the form was received or reviewed it maybe

So hopefully this will happen with me too :slight_smile: