GitHub UI stars and endpoint's stargazers_count not in sync

GitHub doesn’t show the actual number of stars that a repository has untill we star/unstar it. By defaul it shows rounded figure like 10K.
When one unstars/stars it ,then the actual number is displayed

My question is related to a Tweet that I came across regarding OpenJDK repo having reached 10K stars.

When I visited the GitHub page for OpenJDK and clicked to star it ,it displayed the actual number as 9970, but when I reloaded the page it again showed 10K. I then confirmed the same via rest api. You can try this :

It displayed 9970 then, as can be seen below.


Why such inconsistency?

Is it really the eventual inconsistency at play , as hinted by David Delabassée in the Tweet ?

Just curious.

NOTE: Right now both the UI and rest response seem to be in sync.

Pretty round numbers are good enough for people who don’t care.

But if you interact with a thing, why not yield the precise answer?

At least, that’s why I’d do it, if I did this.

Sounds reasonable. Butt then leads to another question and that is “Is our understanding regarding the possibility of actual numbers getting rounded at the UI side correct(i.e. is it by design)?”

It takes effort to implement this. So, I’d assume so.

You’re welcome to file a ticket via:

– I won’t as I file way too many and this behavior doesn’t bother me.

Honestly speaking even I don’t believe this to be worth raising a ticket. I was just curious and that’s why asked the question. Merely for the sake of knowledge/curiosity.