GitHub UI / Feature Requests: File Finder screen width and path truncation


I didn’t found any similiar feature request regarding the FileFinder of the GitHub UI.

It would be great, if the the result of the file finder covers the whole screen width and not only 2/3.

=> Search results of the file finder could not be identified if the matches contains long paths, since the path gets truncated and the interessting part of the part (the file name itself) is hidden.

But maybe the full screen it not sufficient. Thus, it would be great

* to have the option to turn off the truncation of the path

* to have the option to search for the given text as a whole and not every letter matching in my search phrase. I.e. typing abc now returns paths containing a and b and c, but I’m only interessted in abc



Hi @eva-mueller-coremedia,

Thanks for this feedback! We’re always working to improve GitHub and the GitHub Community Forum, and we consider every suggestion we receive. I’ve logged your feature request in our internal feature request list. Though I can’t guarantee anything or share a timeline for this, I can tell you that it’s been shared with the appropriate teams for consideration.



I’m in the process of building a bookmarklet for disabling the max-width:1012px css style on the container-lg class for working around that pesky width limitation. (will have to make bookmarklets work in edge, first)

gitlabs has this feature, they call it Layout Style and allow it to switch between fixed and fluid.

And since I found your Post, I won’t have to create a new Feature request :slight_smile:



… had to build an ms edge extension:

the js that actually unsets the max-width is portable, so it can be used for other browsers.