GitHub Trusted Members Suggestion

And also to all GitHub Staff, I’ll take this opportunity to make a request also.

GitHub Sponsors is one big program of GitHub to support others who contribute to the Open Source. This GitHub Community is also part of the Open Source. My suggestion is that, if we have valid answers (or other valid tasks) and verified by anyone of you, can we be paid for that? As financial support also. In my case, I really want to answer so many questions but given that it cannot support me for my living, I cannot do that. I still have another job to support my living so I can’t dedicate my time here on GitHub Community. Thanks.


Hi @xdvrx1 – This is really great feedback, and definitely something we’re thinking about. Have you seen gig work like this be successfully implemented on other forums? There’s an inherent risk in paying people to answer questions while not breaking the altruistic efforts of others. We’d also only want to compensate for quality contributions or accepted solutions. If not there is another risk where we could just end up with a bunch of poor responses that will dilute the value of the work here.

I agree there is a ton of opportunity here, just curious to hear more from you and others as this is something we are actively talking about now.

Thanks for sharing this feedback & being a part of the community + helping with the cleanup! :soap: :broom:


What I’m seeing here is that a deliberate pick from the members, for example, for the past 1 month, you will be picking top 10 or 20 members (or maybe just like percentage like 10% of the Community population) who are really active and answered valid questions. Their efforts will be reviewed. They will be paid according to their valid efforts (answering questions, cleaning tasks, organizing topics, etc.). But of course, they will not always be paid, for the next month, there can be another 20 members. There should be an equal opportunity. Now, the downside is that if they are just relying on this program. But for me, it will be great, if from time to time, there will be an equal opportunity for the members to be paid so that all qualified will benefit from this. (But this one is more of GitHub’s decision because if a certain member is really active and trusted, he can be paid regularly much like a GitHub Staff already.)

I can compare this with the GitHub’s Bug Bounty program or any other bug bounty programs, where, of course, there will be thousands of attempts but there will be only few valid submissions. And this answers also the problem that it’s not a regular pay, members should think it is just like this nature.

About the worry of poor responses, these paid trusted members should be the ones responsible to clean these poor responses and these members doing these poor responses can simply be flagged or reported directly to the GitHub Staff for what they are doing, to the point of their account being locked. Since members are paid, we can be assured that they will clean the thread because it’s part of their job.

With this, these very active and trusted members will serve as GitHub Staff multiplier, so that this GitHub Community will be clean, the answers are really valid and organized. And the new members will be welcomed, replies will not be waited for months.

With several members and staff active in this Community, I think this will surpass any other forum out there, solely focused on GitHub. Active and trusted members just need a little bit of financial support for what they are doing.

As we can see, this 10-Day Community Clean-Up is being done because we have really a bunch of backlog and it only means, there should be more members assigned doing these things.

Thanks GitHub Staff for considering and asking opinions.

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@xdvrx1 , can you point us at any examples where this approach works successfully?

Experiments by other sites to compensate members for sharing their knowledge created wrong incentives. I do not have concrete examples from the top of my head, but heard about it in multiple interviews when founders and product managers tell their stories.

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I agree that one should not incentivize quantity, as that will likely lead to many replies with little value. A monetary compensation would need to be coupled to a quality factor, but assessing replies in regard to their value would require additional personal or a somewhat fair algorithm. Both seem rather unrealistic. A much easier route would be to hire a reputable community member or find some freelance agreement.


yup, that’s what I meant when we say the trusted members, that for a long time, proved themselves worthy of being paid. The selection will really be manual. The ending will be just like, from time to time, those who have proved themselves worthy will be paid, maybe just like a lump sum or say 6 months of paid work monthly, and then after that another selection will happen. The algorithm is by consolidating the activities of this aspiring trusted member and verifying whether they are valid but again, of course, the final selection will be manual, just like the manual selection of any job application.

Just one of these days, to my surprise, some GitHub Staff members actually sponsor developers outside this GitHub Community. And that simply is an example that by manual selection, these trusted members here can be paid too.

And as we can see, this forum is growing than ever and the reason why we have the community cleanup is that there is a bunch of backlog, even though there are volunteers like us plus the GitHub Staff members.

So, just like what you intend too, the ending is just like there are GitHub Staff members and there are trusted members that are just like outsourced to do their jobs to answer queries, doing cleanup, giving tickets, giving lessons etc. Now, the way a certain user can join the paid program is by proving himself right here on GitHub Community. That way, before he/she is selected, GitHub is sure he/she is qualified and trusted to do the job. But again, of course, just like any other company, when there is no need to hire, these trusted members can be laid off easily and sometimes for the sake of others too, so that they too will have the chance to join the paid program. And all of us will benefit from that kind of system.