github tree is not updated

Hello all,

I created a repository and then I renamed one of the files. The change is seen on github, but when I use nbviewer it’s not seen and I have the structure of the initial commit. 

For example, the repo is here and I renamed the script B to “B-MLE.ipynb”. Then, when I go to nbviewer: the filename is unchanged. 

Something related is discussed here and it looks like there is a problem with github, not with nbviewer.


HI @contactmodel,

Thank you for being here! I’ve taken a look at your links and it looks like the naming issue is resolved now?

Hello @andreagriffiths11,

not really - it’s still the same. When I check and click on script B, it gives me: “Remote HTTP 404: scripts/B. Calculating Rt using Maximum likelihood estimation.ipynb not found among 16 files” This means that the dir folder on github is still the old one.