GITHUB_TOKEN is sometimes invalid on windows virtual hosts

I’m reporting an issue a user of my GitHub releases action reported

Unexpected error fetching GitHub release for tag refs/tags/v-testing: HttpError: Bad credentials  
##[error]Bad credentials  
##[error]Node run failed with exit code 1  

This works sometimes and not others for the same workflow definition. This leads me to believe these tokens are somehow time sensitive but I couldn’t find anything in the documentation other than a reference to the total limit of a workflow run being 6 hours. If tokens are time limited I would expect them to be at least valid for that long.

This user reported this happening on windows but it may not be a windows specific problem.

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Tokens are time-limited, yes.  But can you point me to a run (or runs) that are failing?

Here’s one where a a run where the actual checkout action failed with credential errors

This user reported an issue on my gh releases action but it seems like it it could happen anywhere with GitHub actions.

Their work around for now is to put windows first in their build matrix.

Is there anything official documentation I could post on my actions readme as a note about token invalidation?

update: this is being reported on other virtual hosts as well. If its useful, in the after a 30 minute or so time window, which is well under the documented max workflow run limit

It looks like this is happening because of the number of workflows being queued, it’s being rate limited.  We have a fix for this being deployed today.

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