Github TLS certificate issue

Hi! I have been trying to get github to issue a SSL certificate but it wont work, its been more than 24 hours, i even tried making a new repo and do the process, ive added and removed the CNAME a couple of times. all my host side records are correct and i do have two websites ( and mjhajharia[.]com working fine with github, but this one won’t somehow.

website → meenal[.]mjhajharia[.]com

(using the braces because i can only put 2 links in the post)

we cannot see that page because it’s not allowed, if you can tell us more, what is your domain registrar and other details,

this problem is so common here and always being resolved,

my domain registrar is hostinger and the relevant website is

here’s the CNAME record (the other 4 A records and CNAME for www are also present)

from what i understand it’s a glitch from github because it’s stuck here (i already have to github pages sites with the same domain so this shouldnt be a problem afaik

how about the DNS Config?

i’m not sure if this is what you mean

check this out, I’m not very sure of your subdomain, whether it’s being prevented to issue the certificate,

i tried to add CAA records again to my website and verified the original domain once more and it got fixed, it was just a glitch i think, thanks anyway!