Github teams notifications

I belong to a team within my organization. We use teams to assign codeowners so we get assigned PR reviews in rotation.

I used to get notifications on PRs where my review was requested. Now all of a sudden, I get email notifications for all activities where a review has been requested from my team. This is producing a lot of noise and I start missing the notification I actually care about.

On the team page, my notification choice is “ignoring”.

This was not an issue to me until the last few days. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Has something changed?

Hey @abd00s :wave:

Thanks so much for submitting this question; it sounds very frustrating! Though I’m curious; which in which Org is showing this behavior? I see you’re a member of two Orgs, so it would be nice to narrow down the scope of research.

I’d also be curious to know what your notification settings are when you visit:

Do the defined settings not hold true to what you believe was chosen? We might be able to review some audit logs to see if settings were changed but it would be great to narrow things down, first.

Thank you! :bow:

Thanks for getting back to me @nethgato,

The org in question is smile-io.

This is what my settings look like right now:

There’s also a “notification” drop down within the team itself, this is what it looks like:
(i’m only allowed to share 1 media as a new user)

Of note, is that I have not modified either of these in a way that would cause this change. In fact, I haven’t made any changes at all. The only change I made was to select ignoring within the team notification settings after the problem began. It did not resolve it.

From the first screenshot, the general notifications settings, it looks correct, so long as I (me personally, not my team) is the one participating or watching. You know what I mean?

I can give you an example from the email notification I get:

This is from a PR where a review was requested from me personally. As you can see, I get duplicate emails: one indicating a review was requested from me, and one indicating a request to my team as codeowners.

Prior to this issue, I never received that latter one.

This example is when I am indeed assigned the review. When I am not, I receive only the latter. <-- This is what is producing so much noise for me.

Thanks so much for looking into this for me :slight_smile: This has thrown my entire workflow sideways :grimacing:
Hope those details help you narrow it down.

Hey @abd00s thank you so much for that detail! In fact, that does help narrow things down and then some.

Unfortunately, this is a limitation of how notifications works as has been mentioned in this thread:

While that thread was not explicitly about the excessive email notifications, the users there do raise the concern.

Right now, the best course of action to voice your distaste with how the system functions, is to submit your feedback via this form:

That goes directly to our PM team for review and consideration.

Thank you (again) for clearing up the behavior you see, and expressing how you would like to see these notification systems function going forward. :bow: