GitHub suspended my account

Hello. My GitHub account is very important to me, both for hosting personal projects and mainly for committing to my job’s repository.

What happened is, my friends created a GitHub bot and without permission of me they tested it with my account to detect security holes on GitHub, and these bots created fake accounts and followed me.

That silly mistake made me suspended for “breaking terms of services”. I understand GitHub for doing that, but hey, I’m an honest person. The support person said my account must remain suspended.

Is there a way to make GitHub change this decision? I can send them any documents they need, I just think this is not a fair punishment for a silly mistake. I’ve lost access to my repos even tho they are still public.

I’m not asking for that same account Yoginth but please release that username alone, now I’m temporarily using YoginthS


Best regards,


Founder and CEO of VotePen.

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As has been stated numerous times on the board, we can’t discuss the private details of your account here. You need to contact GitHub Support via the contact form or email.