Github suspended me. Please help.

Hello. My github account is very importante to me, both for hosting personal projects and mainly for commiting to my job’s repository.

What happened is, my girlfiend’s professor asked her to host her undergraduate thesis files on github. As she is not a developer I thought I could apply for educational discount using her credentials.

That silly mistake made me suspended for “fraudulent activity”. I understand github for doing that, but hey, I’m a honest person. The support person said my account must remain suspended.

Is there a way to make Github change this decision? I can send them any documents they need, I just think this is not a fair punishment for a silly mistake. I’ve lost access to my repos even tho they are still public.


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Just got my 2nd negative response from Feels like I’m taking to a robot.

Very dissappointed with GitHub.

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Hi @diegotl,

We are unable to discuss private account information, including account status, in the GitHub Community Forum. Additionally, as a rule, we don’t intercede, overrule, override, or otherwise interfere with ongoing discussions with GitHub private Support. If you’re already getting responses from private Support, then you’re talking to the right people, and they’re the ones that know the situation and policies best.

For these reasons, I’m going to close this topic. I encourage you to continue conversing with private support if you have further questions.