GitHub support ticket unanswered for over a month


there is a personal ticket from me on that has not been answered in over a month. (For obvious reasons, I won’t paste its contents here.)

Is there any kind of ETA on this? How does GitHub support work during the pandemic and what should/can I do from my side to have my issue solved?


:wave: Welcome!

Do you have a ticket reference? I can’t find anything associated with your username or primary email address.

Alternately, you can tell me the general subject area and I can tell you if it’s normally a long wait for those tickets :slight_smile:

Hey! Thanks for the welcome

The ticket number is #852169 - I assume this is what you mean.

Thank you - my search should have picked that up, so clearly I did something weird.

Unfortunately yes, this is one of the more complicated tickets and they can take some time. I have highlighted your situation to the team in case it’s something that might be sorted more quickly than most but I suspect that may not be reality.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help here. I hope you get some word soon.

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OK - thank you for the response and the clarification. I’ll wait some more and perhaps try to query again if I don’t get any response by the beginning of 2021.

Thanks! This solves my question.

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I unfortunately need to bump this topic well before 2021, because the situation in question is escalating.

A related ticket #933183 was created with more details, with a more-suitable category this time.