Github Support ticket ignored for over a month

Github support has been ignoring my open support ticket for a month now with absolutely no reply and automatically archives any subsequent tickets without a single comment. What am I doing wrong? Is it normal to wait this long? How can I address this?

Hi @jiri,

Apologies for the delay in response. I’ve done a bit of digging around and here’s what I’ve gathered from our Social Impact team:

  • Your ticket with Support was received
  • We just need a little more information from you to get you set up.
  • Proof of your nonprofit status with your local government
  • Your nonprofit’s GitHub organization URL
  • Confirmation that your organization is nongovernment, nonacademic, noncommercial, nonpolitical, and has no religious affiliation.

Please confirm all of the above here and someone from the SI team will get back to you.

Thank you,