GitHub Support ignores my requests for the third week

5 Aug I was on vacation in the Crimea, and I need to visit github.
Of course my account was blocked. However, I was never a resident of any of the sanctions and did not know about the existence of any restrictions until locking.
The same day I sent the appeal from the page and was hoping that my account will unlock shortly.
After three weeks, I thought that the letter never arrived and I sent another appeal and sent the appeal from the page
My ticket was assigned as 368068, and then I waited two weeks.
Wrote another ticket - 384170, and till this day I have not received a response to any of the cases.

I understand that probably accumulated a large queue of requests, but three weeks to wait for a response know if either too much already.

Help me please! I can’t get access to my private repos for more than a month :frowning:

P.S. today I sand new ticket 392795. Sorry, but I was losing hope that I someone will be able to help me and more sure that github is ignoring me.

Hi @pafnuty,

Our sincerest apologies for the delays. I see your  account should be enabled and with no blocks. Could you please give login in a try and let us know if you are unable to gain access.