Github student pack vps

I was looking online for a vps solution for students and someone told me to check out github student developer pack?? i think thats its name since i am a student and it would be free

Anyway, i just need a very basic vps server that i can install a ssh server on it so it can be a reverse ssh server. I am doing this for a project.


oh, it needs to support about 4 connections at once if possible.

Was i referred to the right place? thanks

Take a look here to see the benefits of the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Have fun and good luck on your project!

Awesome. Since i have never used github before, which package will have a dsh server?


You should try “AWS Educate” which is located at the bottom of the list if you have it sorted from A-Z. I have tried AWS before and you should be fine using their servers.

AWS Educate: “Access to the AWS cloud, free training, and collaboration resources”

Ok, great. Thanks. What do i need to do to get the student pack from github?

Once i have the github student pack, i can just get aws educate from amazon

Go to assuming you’re 13 or older and apply. It will take time though, so give your teacher a heads up.

You can, but I’ve never applied for it so I wouldn’t know what happens after the application process.

Ok, sounds good. Is the student pack ok for university students? I am in a university right now

Go to to see what credentials you need.