Github Student Pack still pending even after 22 Days

It has been 28 Days & I haven’t even heard from them. Is it usual? When I filled out the Submission form I received an email saying that they will contact me on 8-April (I got no response).

This Page shows that it’s still pending.

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We don’t have visibility on education applications here in the forums. From recent posts, I’d say that yes, most people who require manual reviews appear to be waiting 3-4 weeks.

If it’s gone longer than that, you can always open a ticket and that will get routed to the correct team.

What’s your status now. I’m also experiencing the same.

It’s Rejected! I may have to resubmit the documents. If your request has already passed 22 days then just you may need to resubmit the documents after their response but hope for the best :slight_smile:

That’s sad to hear. Considering how long we had to wait for this response. I submitted the application on 21 March 2021 and was told that I’d get an email by 12th this month and it has been almost a week since that date. I’m pretty sure this will get rejected too.

Resubmit and hope for the best.