GitHub Student Pack Status Check

same issue, could you solve ? i just sent emails

How do I know whether I have received the student developer pack or not?

You can check the status of your application and access your pack benefits when you’ve been approved by checking this page

If you don’t see anything, make sure you’re logged in.


when I go to GitHub Education, I get redirected to the link

I had requested the pack a few months ago, and the mail had said that the status will be mailed on 12th July.

Am I approved for the students pack?

i have approved status, but still can not use Canva Pro offer. more than 1 month, i am struggling with this matter. Canva claim offer button shows “It looks like you’ve already claimed this offer.” . Canva cant solve my issue. They say they are communicating with github about this matter. My github account is new, my canva account is new and they are still searching how i can be in a position that i already used offer. I couldnt find a solution, still waiting .